Tiffany Jen – Designer

Windows to the Sky


"Windows to the Sky" is an installation piece I made in relation to the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach, FL. This hand built book shelf made out of plywood, stands 14’ x 4’. It replicates the "Sky Scraper" bookcase that was modeled after Paul Theodore Frankl (1926).

The purpose was to build wooden cases and fill it with all the history the Wolfsonian contains, having it condensed into small containers where each person is able to hold the history and environment in their hands. The bookcase itself represents the Museum and modern day society where bookshelves aren't used for books, instead they are used for displaying objects. The use of light bulbs, furniture, textiles, recycled products, and structures are used to represent rich holdings, culture, strong concentration of travel, a living history that the Wolfsonian provides through their collection.

Mixed media, recycled products, ply wood, glass containers, soil, cactus, various stones, moss, clay, and self grown plants.

Displayed at the Dacra Gallery in the Design District from April - May 2011.