Tiffany Jen – Designer

SWASH Magazine


Graphic Design, Interaction Design

SWASH Magazine is an all-digital interactive magazine letting you discover new music, fashion, & art. (There is sound) I've created my first interactive magazine, guiding the user through a personal experience of interviews, imagery, on the spot music & playlists, videos, and links directing users straight to the sources.

The publication uses sound, video, scrollable text, hyperlinks, and interactive display features to create a totally immersive magazine experience.  

Music Includes: Girraffage, Selebrities, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foxygen, Tilly and the Wall, Kisses, Poolside. 


Created under the direction of Wyatt Mitchell, Will O'Conner, and Billy Sorrentino from Conde Nast. 

All work © Tiffany Jen. Please do not reproduce without prior permission