Tiffany Jen – Designer

Sumzine Uniform Issue 2


Sumzine is a slow fashion magazine with an art slant. We carry the torch of Dame Westwood,
"Buy less, choose well, make it last!" 

Not your typical sustainability-loving, fashion editorial magazine. We wanted to put aside that "go green hippiness" and bring in the cool, New York City downtown chic vibes. We feature designers and makers who do good for both our environment and the fashion world today. 

The design of Sumzine is vibrant and bold, with a mixture of earthy feels. Since Sumzine's theme changes with every issue, we wanted to keep the branding and design simple, clean, constant and versatile.

Editor in Chief: Jamie Ortega
Design Direction: Tiffany Jen
Copyeditors: Doug Black, Janelle Flores, Dana Melanz

All work © Tiffany Jen. Please do not reproduce without prior permission