Tiffany Jen – Designer

Parallel Universe

Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Video Animation

Parallel Universe is an IPad app that displays my most recent works inside a virtual universe. Each of my pieces have a colorful, cosmic discovery– every star will take you on a distant journey to my illustrations and stories.  

Below are different videos from each star that is chosen.



"Parallel Universe is an exploration through the miracle of the living universe. Where cosmos play significant roles in enriching the interstellar medium with colorful rays across the electromagnetic spectrum. The expansion of more exploration can trigger the formation of new stars existing only through design work down by Tiffany Jen."



The app uses sound, video, scrollable text, hyperlinks, and interactive display features to create a totally immersive experience. 


Created under the direction of Scott Stowell.



All work © Tiffany Jen. Please do not reproduce without prior permission