Tiffany Jen – Designer

Honest Goods

Graphic Design, Print, Interaction Design

Honest Goods is an IPad publication/guide designed to reach out to those who are into fashion, help understand why fashion should be ethical and why we should care. It's important to know where our clothes come, who makes them, and understand how over-consumption from fast-fashion companies can slowly destruct our environment.

I have included an infograph, an interview from Stella McCartney who speaks about how eco-friendly fashion is a huge part of her designs and lifestyle, tips and guide to help users find places to shop around New York for local and eco-friendly boutiques.

The IPad publication uses sound, video, scrollable text, hyperlinks, and interactive display features to create a totally immersive magazine experience. 

Created under the direction of Bobby Martin of Original Champions of Design.


All work © Tiffany Jen. Please do not reproduce without prior permission