Tiffany Jen – Designer

Field of Psychedelia

Architecture Installation

"Field of Psychedelia" is an installation I did with my partner, David Delgado, for a class on architectural installations. It is based on visual and spatial qualities of colored, patterned, and textured space. 

The field of psychedlia emerges through the conglomeration of individual colorful modules. The modules are multifaceted bands that join corresponding edges and faces through the warping and bending. In their repetition and slight variation in angle and color, the modules join to create a pattern of psychedelia. 


Formula for Psychedelia:
1. Use a regular geometry as a module
2. Join the module along corresponding surfaces / edges
3. Create irregularities through variance in orientation

4. Repeat, creating impermanent patterns


All work © Tiffany Jen. Please do not reproduce without prior permission