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Tiffany Jen is a multidisciplinary designer living and working in New York City. She received her Master's Degree in Design + Entrepreneurship at the School of Visual Arts focusing in both print and digital design, concept development, design strategy, and UI/UX.

Before that, she grew up in the tropics of Florida receiving her BFA in Miami where she majored in Fine Arts with a concentration in oil painting and photography.  She enjoys creating beautiful visual designs for digital products and services, as well as brand systems, user experience, motion graphics, editorial work, fashion collaborations, typography, and illustration.  She has designed and collaborated for Sumzine Magazine, VogueCondé NastBullett Magazine, Opening Ceremony, Partner's & Spade, Warby Parker, Miranda July, and Friends With You

Aside from working on Sumzine at random cafe's in Brooklyn, she is a fashion enthusiast and a wanderlust. You can find her camping in the Catskills, hiking in the forest, jumping in the Florida springs, stargazing, doing pilates, geeking out on music, cooking asian fusion vegetarian meals, working at Yieldmo, or carrying a handful of plants from the flower district on weekends.

She is currently a Senior Designer at Yieldmo.




Condé Nast, Vogue, Saks Fifth Avenue, Piperlime, Cointreau, Balmain, Cole Haan, Vanity Fair, Nordstrom, Joe Fresh, Gucci, Laura Mercier, Dodge, Sumzine Magazine, School of Visual Arts, Bullett Magazine, Opening Ceremony, Adidas, Chloë Sevigny, OC x London Olympics, Warby Parker, Miranda July, Friends With You.

2014 · Sumzine Magazine Issue Two
2014 · ADAA, Semi-Finalist
2014 · Venture: 2014 Design Entrepreneurs, SVA Gallery
2013 · Bullett Magazine, The Wild Issue XI
2013 · Print Magazine
2013 · Tall Tales Exhibition, SVA Gallery 
2011 · Borscht Film Festival Miami
2011 · Art Basel Miami & Miami Times

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